Further than 100 people failed in a fire at a marriage form in Iraq

Further than 100 people  failed in a fire at a  marriage  form in Iraq  

The fire broke out after fireworks were lit during  fests in Nineveh  fiefdom, according to original media.    

further than 100 people have been killed and 150 injured in a fire at a  marriage  form in the Hamdaniya  quarter of Iraq's Nineveh  fiefdom, Iraqi state media reported. 

 The health department in Nineveh put the death risk at 114. Health Ministry  Saif al- Badr had earlier put the number of injured at 150.

" All sweats are being made to give relief to those affected by the unfortunate accident,

" Al- Badr said." ultimate of the injured are suffering from  burns and suffocation," he said. He said that there was also a crowd clash at the spot. 

 Civil protection  officers said  primary information suggested that fireworks were responsible for the fire and the Kurdish  TV news channel Rudaw broadcast footage showing fireworks shooting through the  bottom of the event hall and setting a chandelier on fire.

  In footage shown on other original  TV networks, the bridegroom and bachelor were seen  stupefied to see burning debris on the dancefloor when the fire broke out on Tuesday night. It wasn't  incontinently clear whether they were among those hurt. 

 Observers present at the scene said that the fire broke out in the  structure at around 1045 pm original time and hundreds of people were present at the time of the incident. Some children are also included among those burnt.

   Rania Waad, who attended the  marriage and suffered becks  to her hand, said that while the bridegroom and bachelor were"  sluggishly dancing, fireworks started shooting off the ceiling,  gulfing the entire hall in  dears".

  " We could not see anything," the 17- time-old said." We were suffocating, we did not know how to get out." 

" We saw the fire coming out of the hall," said Imad Yohana, 34. “ Those who succeeded got out and those who did not stay got  wedged. “ Indeed those who came out were broken. ”

   In a statement, civil protection  officers reported the presence of precast panels inside the event hall that were"  largely  ignitable  and in violation of safety  norms".   The  peril was further increased by the" release of  poisonous  feasts associated with the combustion of panels" which contained plastic. 


  Security forces  meet on the  point of a deadly fire in the Hamdaniya  quarter in Mosul, Iraq. snap Farid Abdulwaheed/ AP  " The fire, caused by the use of  largely  ignitable , low- cost construction accoutrements , caused  corridor of the roof to collapse," the statement said. primary information suggests that fireworks were responsible.  

According to  sanctioned statements, ambulances and medical  brigades were dispatched to the  point by civil Iraqi authorities and  officers from Iraq'ssemi-autonomous Kurdistan Region.  

At the main sanitarium in Hamdaniya – a  generally Christian  megacity east of Mosul also known as Qaraqosh – an AFP photographer watched as ambulances arrived with enchantresses  publicizing and dozens of people gathered in the  yard to  contribute blood. Were staying.   Ahmed Dabardani, a health functionary in the  fiefdom, told Rudaw that  numerous of the injured suffered severe becks

            .  "  Ultimate of them were completely burnt and some others had  burns  on 50 to 60 of their bodies,

" Dabardani said. “ This isn't good at all. utmost of them weren't  by good condition. ”  

In a brief statement, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al- Sudani called on the health and interior ministers to"  rally all deliverance  sweats" to help victims of the fire and  blazoned an  disquisition.

   The Health Ministry  blazoned that" medical aid  exchanges" had been dispatched to the area from Baghdad and other  businesses, adding that its  brigades had been stationed to Nineveh to  watch for the injured.   As was the case in  numerous Christian  metropolises in the Nineveh Plains,

 Qaraqosh and its churches were  totally defaced by jihadists from the Islamic State group after entering the  megacity in 2014.  

The  megacity was gradationally rebuilt after the group's  expatriation in 2017, and it was the scene of a visit by Pope Francis in March 2021.

  Safety  norms are  frequently ignored in Iraq's construction and transportation sectors, and the country, whose  structure is in  seediness after decades of conflict, is regularly the scene of deadly fires and accidents.


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